Helsinki, Finland

This summer I had the unexpected opportunity to spend a few days in Helsinki, Finland and it was such a great surprise. I absolutely loved the chill (metaphorically and literally) vibe of the city: it was quiet, relaxed, but still had a distinctly urban affinity. 
On Sunday morning, at about 10am, I was really surprised that there were only about 5 people in the center of the city. Sure, there’s a low population density, but something seemed amiss. I only had to turn the corner to notice that there were lots and lots of people waiting in line for Fazer Cafe to open. Fazer is an excellent brunch place, but it’s best known for their chocolate:
Helsinki also has a great lunch spot, right at the market:
Since it’s a port city, the seafood was incredible. The market is right next to the harbor, with fresh fish coming in all day, and getting thrown on the grill about 3 steps away from the boat. 
I loved my time there, and I look forward to visiting again.